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This exclusive Marketing Program worth $10,000 or more each month is yours today for a fraction of the cost... that is if you keep reading.

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Burleson Takes You Behind the Curtain and Unveils the PROVEN Marketing Strategies That Will Make You . Obvious Choice in Your Market so You Can Attract More Patients, More Money and Live Relaxed and Happy!

After Mailing Over a Million e-Mails, Postcards, Letters and Informational Packets to Patients and Extracting What Works for Practices All Over North America, Dr. Burleson Finally Reveals the Specific Gritty Details Each Month on What Makes Dental and Orthodontic Marketing Retain Your Ideal Patients and Generate New Patients on Autopilot!

I really hate to start a letter with bad news, but the truth remains:

Every patient in your practice is losing value today unless you're doing something right now to increase their value.

You might not realize it, because you are too busy running the practice, treating patients, managing staff members and training new employees, but... too many doctors today are ignoring the most-valuable asset in their practice: the relationship with their patient list.

It's no surprise, I work with doctors every day who pay me upwards of $25,000 per year to grow their practices and one of the first questions they are unable to answer relates to their list of patients and what they are doing to nurture the relationship with that list.

Many doctors are shocked even dismayed when I say you could burn my practice to the ground, steal my entire staff, and leave me my list of patients and in 6 months, I would have it all back. The relationship with our list of patients and the relationship I've trained my private coaching clients to build with their list of patients, frankly, is worth millions and millions of dollars.

If you analyze our patient list and the relationship we have with that list, it is exhaustive. Emails, letters, postcards, phone calls, social media posts, contests and hand-written thank you cards guarantee that patients in our practice keep our doctors and employees front-of-mind when it comes to receiving exceptional care.

The biggest secrets in our marketing system (responsible for an extra $2.5 million in our practice last year alone) are now available in a monthly newsletter exclusively available for successful doctors like you!

LOSListen: successfully building the relationship with your list of patients and easily engaging new patients is the most powerful thing you can possibly be doing to grow your practice

I have been publishing a monthly newsletter for patients, referring doctors and coaching clients for nearly a decade and have mailed over 1million pieces of direct mail to patients and prospective patients with unparalleled results.

Monthly marketing helps you build a relationship with your existing patients and facilitates a reason for you to reach out to new prospective patients who will become engaged with your practice. You can easily establish your authority in your market and attract only the best new patients - and charge what you want for your services.


It's Extremely Easy to Screw Up Your Marketing. So It Gets Chucked in the Trash!

Gary Halbert, marketing guru and direct-response copywriter, famously described how Americans open their mail: standing over the trash can separating it into an A-pile, B-pile and C-pile.

A-Pile Mail: is extremely important (letters from the IRS, legal matters, requested products) and gets opened immediately or taken immediately from the person gathering the mail to the person addressed in the letter.

B-Pile Mail: is also important and has a high-interest level for the person opening the mail, but might get set aside to read later (letters or requested information, magazine subscriptions, catalogs, etc).

C-Pile Mail: is obviously junk-mail and gets chucked right into the trash without second thought. This is the pile all business owners want to avoid. Someone spent a lot of time and money on printing, design, copywriting, and postage... only to have the piece thrown away without second thought.

The reason I get to stand before audiences of over 2,000 and demonstrate my marketing strategies is because I have already made every single mistake in the book. I have tested well over a million pieces of direct mail. Just the postage alone on that quantity of mailing is worth more than a lifetime of marketing for most dental or orthodontic offices. You can avoid the heartaches and hard lessons I had to endure through testing this massive (and expensive) level of patient marketing.

If you just start sending out any marketing piece (newsletter, postcard, letter, e-mail) with some content and information about your practice, your patients aren't even going to open it up and read it. It will go into the B or C-pile... the wastebasket!

If you're not sending out interesting material that matches certain criteria I am going to tell you about today, then you might as well kiss your marketing dollars goodbye. And, for that matter, you should also bid farewell to many of your patients, as they run off to the next Groupon'deal of the month or lower-cost dental insurance provider.

I don't want this to happen to you! And now, for the first time ever, I'm going to share with you the strategies I have used to grow my practice over 600% in 18 months and the details of marketing campaigns we're using to help our coaching and consulting clients do the same for their practices.

The Look Over My Shoulder Marketing Program is the proven monthly formula for what you NEED to have in your practice to generate new patients, nurture existing patients and stimulate referrals.

Effective marketing isn’t a matter of putting together a bunch of information about you and your office and calling it a day. It definitely is not about discounting your fees. To-date, the only company that has successfully competed long-term on low price is Wal-Mart. And the Wal-Mart strategy is now being challenged by a company that envisions a world without Wal-Mart (Jeff Bezos and Amazon.com). Bottom line, unless you have the marketing budget of Wal-Mart or Amazon (and I'm guessing you don't) then you really cannot afford to compete based on price.

Every single piece of marketing advice I share with doctors in the Look Over My Shoulder Marketing Program has been tested and proven to return a 5:1 return on investment or higher. That means you need only use one idea from my monthly newsletter in order to pay for your entire yearly investment in the program. I know for a fact that we can credit our marketing programs for keeping patients long-term and encouraging them to refer their friends and family. Currently, 60% of our new patients are referred from existing patients. Before implementing these marketing strategies, only 15% of our new patients came from existing patients. That's a 400% increase!

I've copied and pasted these marketing strategies into other doctor's businesses and have generated millions of dollars for them as well. Just like these successful doctors, in this program you'll discover:

  • Advanced Marketing Strategies that will keep your patients engaged every month and transform them into Raving Fans of your practice (this isn't about copying what your competitors are doing!)
  • Discover the Mistakes I've Made Along the Way so that you can avoid these costly pitfalls and boost the response from your marketing each month to almost sinful levels
  • The Perfect Formula for Compelling Content that you must employ in your marketing pieces. Most doctors ignore these strategies and it costs them significantly in new patients and referrals
  • What Your Marketing Should Contain and what it should NOT contain. Get this right and your return on investment will skyrocket. Hint: your competitors are doing this completely wrong!
  • The #1 Metric You Should be Deploying in any marketing campaign and how to use tested and proven systems each month to build your practice to what I call extreme success.

Look Over My Shoulder

Admittedly, Look Over My Shoulder Should be Pretty DARN Expensive, But It's Not!

The full fee to have me work directly on your marketing each month is well over $25,000 per year. Since I'm not working directly in your specific practice each month and not answering your specific questions like I do for private clients, I couldn't look you straight in the eye and charge you anywhere near this amount.

Therefore, I decided to reduce your monthly investment to $397.00 $197 per month.

If you understand investments in marketing, you can grasp that the fee will be irrelevant when you experience increased patient retention, increased referrals, more new patients and improved case starts that come from tested and proven marketing strategies. It will be a tiny grain of sand in a vast ocean compared to how your marketing is going to sky-rocket your practice and make you the obvious choice in your market.

If you are new to marketing your practice or simply realize the economy as we knew it pre-2008 isn't coming back for a LONG time and that you must admittedly take a more-sophisticated approach to your marketing and practice growth, then you'll gladly swim through a swamp of hungry alligators just to thank me for all of the very expensive lessons I've prevented you from having to learn the hard way when it comes to marketing your practice.

Having the Information I Share in the Look Over My Shoulder Marketing Program is Likely to be Free to You!

Money Back GuaranteeAnd the best part is that you are covered by my 100%  No Brainer Money Back Guarantee.

Try the Look Over My Shoulder Marketing Program in your practice... follow the instructions, watch the included video tutorial, read the audio transcripts, use the included resources and start cutting and pasting these proven marketing pieces into your own practice each month.

If (within 12 months from your purchase) you a're not satisfied... or you cannot see how you can get 10X or even 100X your investment back, simply call me at (800) 891-7520 and tell me personally and I will refund your money.

Just sending generic marketing like all of your competitors is surely going to end with your patient or prospective new patient throwing it in the trash pile or that never-ending to be read stack that keeps piling up month after month.

Don't let this happen to you. Take my experience of over 1 million direct mail pieces sent... and the experience of Burleson Seminars drastically improving the results for doctors all over North America to heart. And take action today to claim your Burleson Seminars’ Gold Membership which includes the Look Over My Shoulder Marketing Program right now.


Dedicated to Your Success,



Dustin Burleson, DDS

P.S. Your investment in marketing your practice is the most-powerful investment you can possibly make in today’s economy to grow your practice. I have mailed over 1 million pieces of direct mail and countless emails and I have finally cracked the code for creating marketing that gets ripped open, gets read, and produces results for your practice.

So if you already invest in marketing for your practice, you will discover how to make it more irresistible and influential to your patients and prospective new patients. And if you're just starting out, you'll get off the starting blocks in no time. Take action today and claim your Burleson Seminars’ Gold Membership right now which includes everything in the Look Over My Shoulder Marketing Program!